Harvest is HERE!

Well, harvest has officially begun. We started late last week on lentils and have moved on to the winter wheat as of yesterday. The crops look good, and they are yielding around what we had hoped. We are so thankful. It was a dry spring, and so having a good crop to harvest is such a blessing.

We have quite a few different crops to harvest this year including lentils, winter wheat, fall rye, barley, durum, spring wheat, and mustard. We like to have all these different crops to use in our crop rotation. You can read more about why we rotate crops here.

Along with harvest comes…harvest meals! If you have ever been around a farm at harvest time, quite often there will be amazing harvest meals served to the harvest crews. Lorinda, Michelle and I take turns cooking meals for the guys, and I can honestly say that we make some delicious meals.

This week we have had smoked meatloaf, brined and barbequed pork chops, chicken pasta full of tasty veggies and more. I love to cook for the guys because they always eat lots, and it is fun to come up with new recipes as well as cook a few favorites…and we are always looking for new recipes too 😉

Stay tuned as we round up some of our favorite recipes and post them here on the blog. Until then, we pray for safety for all the farmers and ranchers, and a bountiful crop.




Harvest is HERE!